Small White Ceramic Vase Set Rustic Home Decor

Small White Ceramic Vase Set Rustic Home Decor

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Do you like accessorizing your home but do not necessarily want to give up a lot of space for it?

You can be smart in decorating any corner of your favorite room. Similarly, while still be able to save some space.

This is where small details come in to add touches of elegance, class, and rustic feel. If you have limited space to work with, you can never go wrong with vases.

The small white ceramic vase set rustic home décor made by Sullivans is perfect in size to decorate your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even office.

It is really a value for your money because you would already get 3 different sized vases in one set.

All three vases have the same 3×3 inched length and width, and only the heights differ. You get a 5, 7.5, and 10 inched vases for every purchase.

The size different is perfect especially if you put in your choice of flowers of greenery inside. You can play with the height differences to create a more decorative piece.

It is very lightweight but made with durable ceramic materials. In addition, the distressed and crackled glaze finish really adds a rustic touch that goes really well with any type of flower or plant.

“adds a rustic touch that goes really well with any type of flower or plant”

You do not have to worry about the vases moving around on surfaces because it is designed with rubber stoppers on the bottom. No more worries of your ceramic vases falling off tables and creating messes.

The best thing about this set of white ceramic vases is that it would fit any room you would like to put it in. Whether you want to freshen your kitchen up with fresh flowers, or simply make your workspace a little more pleasant, it is most definitely an instant mood booster.


It most certainly is! If you want to easily and conveniently decorate and liven up any room in your home, this is the best choice that you could make. You could check it out on Amazon:

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