Decorative Mason Jar Rustic Wall Decor with 6-Hour LED Lights and Flowers

Decorative Mason Jar Rustic Wall Decor with 6-Hour LED Lights and Flowers

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For those of us who are just so into novelties. Sometimes, the utilitarian pieces we have at home can bore us and lead us to want something new. We would feel the need to renovate, but that could cost much; we might want to re-arrange, but that could also require a lot of thinking on where to put this and that. It can get complicated, but ever so of often minor tweaks can do just the trick.

Adding a well-thought-out detail somewhere in the house can already pop a variation to the atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be wide-scale like a renovation; it just needs to have a distinct character. We can think of plants, ornaments, or even novelty items. Even if it is a minor detail, choosing the right instrument to add to the proper spot can produce a new feel around the place.

“…only that it’s smarter than other decors.”

If you have that same dilemma, relax and check this Mason jar from HOMKO. It is both a decor and a lighting equipment, only that it’s smarter than other decors. This hanging novelty lights ups with its fairy lights and utilizes a timing feature to help the equipment operate on a more energy-saving manner. Its rustic design makes it a suitable furnishing to different spots like the living room, your front porch, bedside, and even in a cafĂ© .

“How is that even supposed to light up a spot?”, I know you had that in mind. But because of the Mason jar, the glass material helps emit the light brighter and wider from the fairy lights inside. The look of the glass glowing is a magical sight to see – especially at night! Its amber glow coming from the LED guarantees an efficient and strong light source to any space.

“Its light creates a quick but bewitching interaction…”

Propping this unto a wall at first made it seem like just another hanging novelty. Like another frame with some weird design to it – but no, it’s different! The moment it lights up is when you start to automatically imagine the different spots at home that you would like to see this in. Its light creates a quick but bewitching interaction between the item and the onlooker; it’s simply enchanting to have in the room. I can’t stop thinking about eating outdoor and having this around, like right? It can turn anything romantic and serene no doubt.


It is lovely, it is multi-functional, it is for sure worth it. You can save energy with it and leave it to work independently because of its smart feature. The design makes it easy to use almost anywhere inside the house too. Surely, it is one unique novelty compared to its contemporaries. You, including the people you’re going to have over your house with this hanging somewhere is sure to pause a moment just to take a glance and appreciate. And I’m positive that you already have a spot at home to hang this on to as well, find it on Amazon now!

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